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Everything but the Kitchen Sink...

by Parameters Construction on 07/22/11

Even with utilitarian items, great design can be simple, functional and visually pleasing.

While people often pay a great deal of attention to cabinets, counters and fixtures when remodeling a kitchen, there is one item that has been historically ignored—the sink. It's not so much the sink itself (as there are innumerable choices), but the drain. The basic drain design has not changed significantly for several decades.

According to Create Good, LLC, creator of the Ultra Clean Seamless Sink, the drain is the fifth dirtiest place in the home. With their new drain design incorporated into their Affluence brand s

inks, they 

have eliminated the drain seams creating a beautiful and sanitary sink basin. This new design greatly reduces the bacteria and odors associated with old-fashioned drains and disposers.

The sinks are manufactured, and therefore installed, without the customary seams, putty and flanges you typically see around the drain. They feature an integrated design which includes a stainless steel strainer basket and drain/disposer undermount hardware.

There are other significant benefits to the design like the removable dishwasher safe splash guard. The strainer basket also seals the disposal side drain so there's no need for the ugly second plug.


Check out the video on their website at seamlesssink.com.

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