Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? : Remodeling Ideas, Notes, and Tips
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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

by Parameters Construction on 09/11/12

roof, gutter and shinglesWe recommend inspecting your roof and gutters while it’s still warm outside.

Here’s a few pre-winter items for your “to do” list:
Check the flashing around roof edges and seams to ensure water cannot enter
 • Replace any worn or damaged shingles
 • Clean out your gutters. Use a hose to clear downspouts of debris
 • Consider installing leaf guards on the gutters and extensions on the downspouts to
    direct water away from your home

 • Make sure that all vents and soffits are free of obstructions such as insulation or debris
 • Check for dark, vertical stains on shingles running along the rafters. This is usually an indication of poor ventilation and too much moisture in the attic

Don’t forget to check your attic too.

We recommend that you also inspect your attic, rafters and roof for signs of moisture. If the temperature where you live falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, adding extra insulation to the attic can prevent warm air (from your living space) from getting to your roof and causing condensation, ice dams or other problems.

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