parameters building and construction management
 Parameters has been in business for over a
   quarter century.
   By choosing Parameters, you can rest assured you
   are working with an established, respected and 
   experienced construction partner. Read more

 Parameters serves both residential and
   commercial customers.
   From home additions to parking lots, kitchen and bath 
   remodeling to commercial demolition, Parameters
   has the experience and expertise you require.

 Parameters has a 24-hour phone line available
   for emergency service.
   We will be available when and where you need us. 
   Call (248) 613-2408 for 24-hour emergency service.

 Parameters, its employees and subcontractors are
   licensed and insured in accordance with state law.
   This is to protect you and our employees while they
   are on your premises. You can be confident that you
   are working with highly qualified professionals.

 Parameters will acquire a bond for your project as
   government or purchasing policies require.
   Parameters is a trusted construction management
   partner able to meet purchasing and bonding
   requirements on large-scale, commercial projects.

• Parameters will always provide you with a detailed,
   written estimate.
   Parameters will document your specific needs and   
   expectations as well as detail what they require from   
   you to make the project a success.

 As a general contractor, Parameters will serve as
   your construction liaison.
   We will independently and objectively oversee all 
   project work and materials on your behalf. Parameters 
   has established solid, long-term relationships with 
   hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers. We do not 
   utilize anyone or any materials that do not meet our 
   strict quality standards. Read testimonials
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