You also can't safely assume that a minor delay on one
          part of your project means that all of your subcontractors 
          can easily reschedule to accommodate you. That's 
          because to stay profitable, they need to work with several 
          clients at the same time. So it's simple business—your 
          job will not be their priority if a bigger one comes along. 

          Conversely, a general contractor can make things happen
          for you when and where you need. They have existing 
          relationships with reliable, qualified subcontractors 
          that depend on them for regular employment.

  • Would I be able to spot a construction flaw or error and make sure it's corrected before it's too late?
          Nothing is more costly than tearing something apart in 
          order to re-do it. If the cement hardens and the local 
          inspector says it doesn't meet code, you've got a serious 
          problem on your hands. Who's responsible for what? By 
          when? There goes your schedule along with your budget.

  • Can I afford to have work redone? A general contractor will provide warranties on products and work his team completes. By yourself, you are not covered by the same warranties and may end up paying for a replacement product or service twice. You will also be responsible for resolving conflicts between multiple subcontractors and manufacturers when they disagree on an issue.

  • How much will I really save? Remember, much like a big box retail store, a general contractor can get you the best deals because he buys materials regularly in large volumes. You are a one-time buyer paying full retail price for everything. Any savings you think you're realizing are probably lost because you're paying more for the exact same items.

  • Do I know what to do to keep my project from lasting forever? All good things must come to an end especially when you're on a schedule and a budget. Unexpected challenges and changes can drag out a job if not resolved quickly. You'll need to make timely decisions that won't negatively impact, scheduling, quality and of course, cost. You'll need to manage permits, inspections, contracts, schedules, changes, conflicts, and more on a daily basis.
Before you decide to go it alone, or use unlicensed contractors ask yourself 
these questions:

After you answer these critical questions give us a call.
We'll show you how we can make your project a headache-free success and your life a whole lot easier! Parameters is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

  • Could I be getting in over my head? Even the simplest home renovation or construction can become a major event without an experienced general contractor to provide insight and solutions. It's a near certainty there'll be something you can't see, didn't plan on, weren't aware of, or will need to be re-thought well after you've started working.

  • What happens if someone gets hurt on my property? How much insurance would I need to really be covered? Did you know that if someone is injured on your property and you're managing your own project, you could end up paying for their injuries indefinitely with your homeowner's insurance? Make sure you know and understand all the risks. Check with your insurance provider and/or state and local authorities.

  • Can I assemble qualified, reliable professionals and organize their schedules effectively? If you're planning on using the phone book or the Internet to find subcontractors, how do you ensure they're as good or reputable as they say they are? What happens if someone doesn't show up, or a particular task takes longer than originally planned? Remember, that in order to actually stay on budget, you'll need to maximize every worker's time even as challenges are encountered and schedules are in flux. The last thing you want is the painter to show up before your drywall is dry, or the plumber and the electrician to be tripping over each other while they're on the clock.
(Without the headaches)
Why is a licensed contractor important? You might ask, 
"Why can't I just manage this myself?" Plenty of homeowners attempt to manage their own projects only to be surprised
by how much work and project coordination is involved, how many legal issues can arise, and how quickly projects become complicated and costs escalate.
what happens if an unlicensed contractor gets hurt on my property
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