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Asphalt road repair near Pontiac Michigan.
Preparing to lay asphalt.
Paving a stretch of residential road near Pontiac Michigan.
Compacting and prepping a residential garage prior to pouring concrete.
Finishing a concrete sidewalk.
Concrete repair and replacement including reinforcements for  a homeowner's garage that was done incorrectly by the builder.
The new floor by Parameters will last for many years to come. All that's left to do is saw-cut the exspansion joints.
Pouring a cement sidewalk for a residential community.
Pouring concrete on a major roadway.
Parking lot [ Troy, MI ]
Removed old materials, replaced with new asphalt.
Pouring concrete for a new handicap access/service ramp.
Repairing M-59 roadway and commercial entryway.
New concrete loading dock [ Warren, MI ]
Removed and disposed of old dock. Poured new dock.
The new concrete service ramp is secured and marked for safety.
A new, raised service ramp will provide easy access and meet code requirements.
Road repair—Breakup and removal of old concrete along M-59.
Breakup and removal of concrete and paver sidewalk in Berkley.
Preparing to repair M-59 roadway.
Pouring concrete over wire mesh reinforcement.
Putting finishing touches on new cement sidewalk.
We Provide Residential and Commercial Services
Did you know there are specific kinds of concrete and asphalt for specific purposes and that they should always be formulated for
local conditions as well as the intended purpose?

From asphalt driveways to cement sidewalks, road repairs to parking lots and concrete service ramps—Parameters General Contracting & Construction has the equipment and resources to ensure the job is done right. 
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We'll break up, remove, pour and finish any size project including sealcoating for asphalt. We'll also take care of any permits, inspections, code and bonding requirements because Parameters is fully- licensed, bonded and insured.

Looking for something new or different? Ask about our custom residential projects including stained and stamped concrete for basements, walkways, patios, porches and more!
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